Rome is bustling with old, vibrant with new. My friend and former student invited me to visit him in this astounding city where he is studying to be an aerospace engineer. “Of course,” was the only answer.

I’ve lost all track of time. Maybe it’s been 8 days-maybe more-or less. Surrounded with spirits and artifacts that go back to Etruscan times, 700+/- BC one loses track. Put into perspective, Christianity is a new religion.

The inhabitants produced the most incredible beauty. Walking around I felt as if I was in some enchanted forest of towering walls, surrounded by statues that are too sensual to be made of rock, hubris that defies reason. Here are a few photos.

2 thoughts on “Rome

  1. Mary Reba

    I’m certain it’s the most romantic and artistic country in the world. Thank you for always sharing your experiences with us all. I’m crazy jealous. I have traveled the world with your photos and wonderful stories. Truly a blessing.

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