Museo de Oro

I’ve visited countless museums, large and small, famous and obscure. I like immersing myself in the stuff of other cultures, other times, for a few hours. A few weeks ago I read two books about the Inca culture. I still have visions of Spanish Pizzaro and his men crazed beyond reason by the gold they saw. The desire for gold led men to lie, torture,  rape, and kill, frequently burning the indigenous people at the stake. This in the name of   a Christian god. God and gold. Greed. I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t have approved.

The Museo de Oro in Bogota has more than 34,000 gold pieces. They cover all of the major pre-hispanic cultures in Colombia, and other parts of South America. Some say it is the finest collection anywhere. I was particularly fascinated by the  gold adornments worn by Inca royalty. To them gold symbolized the sun. Life. It caused their death. Here are pictures of my favorite pieces.

2 thoughts on “Museo de Oro

  1. Elaine

    I found you……. love this site go girl we’ll be watching quiet right now… Love Ya….

  2. Kate Rogge

    Glad to see that you’ve arrived in Columbia and had a chance to look around before heading to the Amazon. Jeeze, Louise, Ruby. “…before heading to the Amazon.” Who would have thought that would be a perfectly reasonable thing to write about you? Have a wonderful time, and I’ll keep monitoring your blog to see how things are going.

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