Hot Springs & Friends

I’ve been here, on the mountain side, in the high desert for a few months now and I am just settling in- making a house that I’ve filled with my stuff into my home. I’m getting to know the neighbors. One has died already, one is moving. One is in Alaska for six weeks. I’m watering

his plants, and  have my fillet knife sharpened and ready for when he returns with fish.

I’ve been ttaveling so long I’d forgotten what a wonderful thing it is when not only your heart, but your space is opened up to receive the love of friends; what a delightful thing it is to laugh your ass off, share ideas, secrets, fears, and libation..

I spend as much of my alone time as possible climbing  on the spectacular rocks that line the rushing Kern River, and evenings marveling  at the sky that puts on a show almost nighty, but, the hot springs have stolen my heart. Apparently they are everywhere. Some of them have been bought up and are off limits, and at least one has been destroyed by the forest service. No one seems to know why. But, a few miles from me, there is Remmington. Off a winding road, a  climb down a steep hill to the river where you will find concrete tubs full of hot water for basking.

The  hot, sulfuric water is healing, it’s a gift from the Great Spirit to cleanse the body and soul,  it releases tension, it’s  erotic.

A few weeks ago, Joy’s band, Blue Mustard was singing at the Father’s Day Blues Fest. Afterwards, she, my friend Phil, and I went to the springs.  A couple of days ago, Ginger came to visit. We went to to the springs. Come visit. I’ll take you there.



4 thoughts on “Hot Springs & Friends

  1. Joy

    Nice little piece, Rube. Always good to hear from you. I keep thinking about the hot spring too, that really wasn’t hot, just tepid, that became the perfect ending to a perfect day. Hope to get back to see you one of these days. It sucks being poor!

    1. Ruby Cooper Post author

      The ones closer to the river are much hotter and bigger. The cool river is refreshing after getting hot. Ahhh.

  2. Ginger

    Yes indeedy, Ruby! Those hot springs are sacred, fun, cleansing, and erotic! IWhat a peak and healing experience. I enjoyed an ebullient treatment at your “spa” and look forward to future dips 🙂

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