Google /Facebook Purgatory

It took me two days to write and upload my second blog. Two days! I could have done it on a 1940 typewriter, cut and pasted the photo, and mailed it for gods sake in less time. Well close anyway. And then, when  I tried to send it to FB to share, IT (fb) insisted I didn’t have the correct password and refused. Why did it accept it a week ago, and not today?  Two hours later, with the all-knowing, all seeing, omnipotent, internet deity,  google,  in the picture,  (yeh, I’ll fukn  save all your stuff and yu’ll never have to worry just click here) I gave up and decided to blow off my stress by playing my one man taliband. whoohoo, ya’l !  After all I have to wait 25 hours before I’m allowed to log in to FB with my new password.

enuf said

enuf said

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  1. Linda

    Hi Ruby, I wanted to read this when I had time to sit down and digest it all. Really a great story, and good warnings about the dangers and consequences of the rampaging greed. The poor and previous middle class in the USA sure are aware of this, as well as the many indigenous peoples who have been wiped out.I always enjoy your stories, hon. Keep in touch Love, Linda

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