It’s the little things that matter. Articles, pronouns, commas, and colon: how to use them, why bother?

They aren’t important if you aren’t going for perfection. But, if you are, knowing where to place a comma is essential. I was taught to use it in a sentence in the space where I would take a breath, or was making an introduction, or to separate independent clauses. The teacher explained when to use a comma, but the concept eluded me. But, that’s not all.

Don’t fight the articles. I went to the best art school in town. I went to an art school in town. Did you go to the best, or just one of many?

Pronouns: she, me, we, thee, it, just for starters, make sentences less cumbersome.  We could say, Ruby teaches English. Ruby teaches all levels. Ruby teaches little kids as well as adults. Or, we could say, Ruby teaches English. She teaches all levels, including little kids and adults.

Ah, the colon. When’s the last time you used one? Why did I use one to introduce the pronouns?

Have fun learning English with me. Language is a gift that never goes out of style.

Happy holidays, everyone!

My Christmas cookies.