Estoy lista. Off the path.

I am ready.  imageMy flight leaves tomorrow morning. I’ve spent the last few weeks gathering the 38 items (not including most clothes) that  I’ll apparently need for my trek to the Amazon and the west coast of South America. If it were just the Amazon, but, include  Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil… mountains, deserts, cities, carry on bag is bursting.  And, I still need to shop for a hammock and mosquito net in Bogota! I’ve been shot for Hep B again, because I forgot to get the third one last time, and Yellow Fever $200+ (I stopped counting)-which gave me two days of it, complete with aching limbs and the desire to sleep. I have malaria tabs that warn me to stay out of the sun?!  Two months cost $36.00. A newer version would have cost  $346.00. The side effects for that price include vivid dreams.  Maybe the indigenous folks I will be teaching will have herbs for vivid dreams-maybe just sleeping in the jungle will induce them. My personal favorite would be peyote. But, that’s Mexico.image

I thought everything was planned and organized, then I left my wallet (a cloth Mexican bag at least a decade old) at Trader Joes last Thurs. I went back to get it, and it hadn’t been turned in. I panicked. I canceled both cards(different banks). Three hours later they called to say my bag  had been there all the time. “It was just put in a different place than usual.” Well, shit. Now I have two different accounts at the same CU, different colors. With some help from Cooper, I also planted many new flowering plants for Anna-that she had picked out and paid for. Two massages have helped my aching back. image But it will be lovely to see them bloom next year. I messaged Alberto, my Colombian friend, whom I met in Salvador, Brazil last year. 

Alberto learning capoeira moves.

Alberto learning capoeira moves.


 He is a retired economist and  has a finca (farm) an hour or so from Bogota. Tuesday morning, early, he says, he is picking me up and we will do much walking, visiting all of the sites in the area. Our communication is in Spanish. Mine is pitiful at best, but better than his non-existent English. Ahhh. Life’s challenges. Wish us luck. Angela, Entropika’s directora, gets into Bogota the 31. I leave for Leticia the 3rd. A week or so later, I go into the Amacayacu National Park where I will stay and teach English and of course, learn Spanish, and many other things I would never have even thought of, if i hadn’t wandered off the path.image

3 thoughts on “Estoy lista. Off the path.

  1. Mary Reba

    You completely amaze me dear friend. I wish you great joy, peace and good health on your journey. Hugs

  2. Jodi Dills

    My dear girl,
    You are on to another wonderful adventure. May your heart, the sun and the stars guide you. I love you with all my heart.
    Sister Jodi

  3. Joy

    This sounds like the biggest adventure yet, Roob. I’ll be staying tuned. Take care of yourself!
    Hugs, Joy

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