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Closed captions. A whole different spin on the news.

GI Joe relaxing a coconut shell.

GI Joe relaxing a coconut shell.

I was at the gym, running  on the treadmill when the battery on my shuffle died. No matter, I turned on the news. I couldn’t hear Obama, but I read what he was saying about Aye Rack. Or tried to.

People were ejaculating  Aye Rack by the thousands. Hovered women and chilled nuns were leaving…

And then a Thai recipe called for fresh penis, coconut milk…


Another woman on the food network says she has to get some meat in her..

I’ve seen a weather man predict 30% rape.

And many , many more. Huffington Post lists some, and followers of the gaffs put them on social media.

Closed captioning not only helps the hard-of-hearing and the deaf, but somehow lightens up the dismal commercials and frightening news. Have a try.