Apologies & Moroccan Pictures

What a surprise to find my box from Morocco on the doorstep yesterday! So it was my mind that conjured up the scenario of anger and distrust; that worked me into a tizzy for nothing; made a mountain out of a molehill as my mother would say. How many times have I done that for naught? I will die with so many partially learned lessons that would have saved me anguish.

Alas, it was the Spanish box that was rifled; that someone opened and helped themselves to a few Christmas presents. Maybe at US customs-some else feeling the trickle down crunch. So my apologies to the Moroccan postal system.

I include the pictures Mohamed sent me. The tannery is the most amazing site with the vats of vegetable based dyes, and the old man and his donkey, not the one I saw but how different could their lives be, and the tiled dome of the mosque in Casa and the inside of another. I think the doors are of the kings palace but don’t hold me to it. There’s a wonderful sweeping view of the the medina -which one I don’t know-and the Hotel Guynemer where I recommend everyone stay when you visit this sprawling city that I only just touched on.

Last but not least, Mohamed Sakami, handsome man, talented chef, and my friend who came to my rescue with pictures when I told him my camera had been stolen, ( I’ll ask him for his delicious recipe for tagine & prunes). Thank you, Mohamed.

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  1. Liana

    Wow! What an adventure. Where are you now? Coming back to Mexico anytime soon?
    Brave women will rule the world! (and the men won’t even know its happening)

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