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Ten years experience teaching ESL, writer, traveler, and a Mainstage Storyteller with the prestigious Moth.  Check out  my blogs, my book, Irish Mongrel Child, available on Amazon, plus videos on youtube. Not convinced, read the testimonials below.

Testimonials from happy ESL students

I met Ruby in the spring of 2012. At first sight, it was her colorful and lovely hat that impressed me. As an English learner specializing in translation, I obtained assistance from Ruby by practicing oral English with her. The whole learning process not only enhanced my ability in oral English, but also opened a new world for me because I, a student who didn’t get the chance to travel around the world could hear Ruby’ stories and experience in her traveling. In our spare time, we always visited art galleries together and she always invited us students to her home(To tell you a secret, she is an excellent cook.).

Four years have passed, and even now I cherish the books she gave me when she left China for I want to keep them as a beautiful memory of us. Ruby, full of energy, still helps me with my English–sends learning materials I need and gives me advice. She is also my life mentor who cares about my life and work. I am so grateful for knowing her and for what she has done.

I admire Ruby for her bravery, independence, and vigor. From her, I realize what a charismatic, versatile, and bohemian woman is and can be.
Ruby, thank you and I love you! (*^ω^*)
—Vivi Zou

I met Ruby when I was in Los Angeles, 5 years ago. I had my mind set on scoring at least 90 at the toefl test so I decided to follow her classes. The final result was 102. I was really happy not only because she made me a better English speaker, but also because she made the impossible possible. I had no knowledge of the English language and that was my first time in the US. I had no chances to even pass the test at the time of my arrival in LA but I ended up scoring 102. She is a great teacher and an inspiring person. I am really glad to have her as a friend. If anybody wants to learn English, Ruby is THE teacher.
—Alessandro Gracelli

Ruby Cooper was my English teacher at EF International Language Studies during summer school in 2010. She is intelligent, funny and excellent at the art of teaching. Her lectures were well balanced and she was doing everything in her power to help her students succeed. I highly recommend taking her classes. She was an amazing teacher with the best interest in her students. I will never forget her inspiring stories and amazing teaching methods.
—Martin Granlien

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